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Underage drinking is a problem that needs solving; as it not only increases the possibility of a fatal car crash, but may also lead to substance abuse.

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of teenage death, and a quarter of those crashes involve an underage drinker.

Teens who start drinking at a young age are seven times likelier to have an alcohol-impaired car crash.

High school students who consume alcohol, or use other dangerous substances are five times likelier to stop school.

These are the statistics, the cold hard truths about alcohol consumption. MADD wants a better future for our youth. Through our car donations campaign in Lubbock, West Texas, we want to inform teenagers the dangers of underage drinking.

The funds we raise through the car donations program go to our support activities to help raise awareness about the dangers of underage drinking, as well as provide support for victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving, especially in Lubbock. We want to help others rebuild their shattered lives because of a drunk driver. We provide a light during their darkest hours to show them there is still hope after a tragedy.

Join us in our advocacy to put an end to driving under the influence and untimely loss of life that it causes, as well as help prevent teens from the dangers of underage drinking. Fill out the form on the right of our webpage to show your support.

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