Donating One Car Will Ensure The Safety Of One More Family

It was around Christmas time. A young man had been drinking heavily and made the unfortunate decision to get behind the wheel. Marijuana was also in his system. He sped up to run a red light and struck a car with a 7 months pregnant woman inside, killing her instantly. The impact pushed her car into the Swiatocha family vehicle, with 10-year old Jonathan in the back seat. The impact was so forceful, it threw their car 7 feet into the air before landing on the opposite side of the intersection.

The offender served about 5 years in prison and had a 10 year probation sentence. In July 2013, he was tried and convicted in a Dallas County Courthouse to a 20 year prison sentence after being arrested for DWI and speeding in May.

The damage was permanent for everyone impacted by the crash that day. Because of the irreversible effects of the traumatic brain injury Jonathan will never be 100% for as long as he lives.

There is hope. You can help. If you have an extra car that you don’t use, please consider gifting it to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Jonathan is only one among thousands every year that are affected by the devastating outcomes of drunk driving. We want to make sure things like this don’t continue to happen to people and their families.


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