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In Washington, 149 people lost their lives because of drunk driving (.08 BAC or higher) in 2013, accounting for 34.2% of the total traffic deaths.

Drunk driving crashes can happen at any time and to anyone. Too often this bad decision leads to the death or injury.

Drunk driving claims the lives of thousands of fathers, mothers, children, friends and loved ones every year.

MADD wants to stop the death toll through our Washington car donations campaign. ach vehicle donated helps us reach out to grief-stricken families or individuals, helping them during  their darkest hours.

We also raise awareness about the perils of driving under the influence so that no one  gets behind the wheel after a night of drinking.

At MADD, we believe in the change that one person can do. You don’t have to wear a cape and have an S on your chest to become a hero. A simple gesture such as participating in our car donations program saves a life, in Washington and elsewhere. Fill out the form you see on the right side of our webpage to start your journey with us.

Make a difference and be the hope in someone’s life by donating your old vehicle.

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