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Adam and Lindsey Arnold  were just like any newlywed couple in Utah. The young couple was expecting their first child. They worked to make a difference in their community. Adam was a special education teacher and Lindsey actively participated in the Big Brothers/Sisters program.

They were young, full of life and passion for service. It took one bad decision from a stranger to drink then drive that ended Adam, Lindsey and their unborn child’s lives.

On average, drunk drivers drive 80 times before their first arrest. The driver that ended Arnold and Lindsey’s lives, had a BAC 0.246 and had five arrests for DUI prior to the crash.

It is the story of the young couple and thousands of others that drive us at MADD. Through our car donations campaign in Utah, we aim to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. We want to have safe roads for pedestrians and motorists alike.

We fund our support programs through donations from private individuals and companies. We help rebuild and make a difference in the lives of survivors and victims of drunk and drugged driving  crashes.

One person can make a difference. Participate in our car donations campaign to show you care and help us stop untimely deaths and wasted lives. Filling out the form on the right side of our webpage only takes a few minutes, those moments count as you can save a life through your donation.

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