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Bubbly, vibrant and cheerful. Those are the words that characterize Jade Gabrielle Stephens. She was the pride and joy of her family because of her charming personality. Just a few days before she turned 10, tragedy struck Jade’s family as she died in front of her mother, father and brother. A drunk driver hit the side of their car in Southeast Texas. Moments before the crash, they were singing her an advance happy birthday.

This is just one of the thousands of tragic stories of lives shattered by driving under the influence. We at MADD have known pain, as many of our volunteers are victims. We want to provide hope for families like Jade’s to cope with their grief.

Through our Southeast Texas car donations campaign, we are able to raise funds for our activities that support grieving families. We want to make a difference in their lives and show them that there are caring people who understand their grief.

We also raise awareness about the life-changing effects of drunk driving and educate teenagers about responsibility behind the wheel.

Join our advocacy by participating in our car donations program. With each donated vehicle, we save a life and family from the emotionally and physically damaging experience of drunk driving. Fill out the form on the right to take the first step in making a difference.

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