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Underage drinking is a serious problem.

Teenage drinking leads to 4,700 fatalities every year –  more deaths than all illegal substances combined.

Traffic crashes are the primary cause of teenage death, and approximately a quarter of those involve an underage drinker.

One in six teenagers binge drink, which increases the likelihood of a car crash, especially at night.

Teens need guidance and education about the consequences of underage drinking.And our car donations in Corpus Christi, TX campaign funds our underage drinking awareness programs, as well as the services we provide to drunk and drugged driving victims.

The untimely loss of a loved one is a depressing experience. Shattered dreams and broken promises will linger, but there is hope after death. MADD, under the auspices of South Texas communities, provides support for grieving families and individuals to show them that we care. And we will do everything we can to stop drunk driving – and we start by using the funds from donated cars to our advocacy.

We envision a future where the roads are safe and free from drunk drivers. We want pedestrians and motorists alike to be safe while driving. Each story about the loss of a loved one because of drunk driving makes our drive even stronger.

Join us in our cause against driving under the influence by participating in our car donations campaign. Filling out the form will only take a moment of your time but will make a difference in one’s life.

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