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Erika and German had only been married 2 months. On September 1st, they were on their way home from the movies when a drunk driver, with previous drunk driving convictions got pulled over for weaving through traffic. He sped off and ran a red light, resulting in a collision, going airborne and crushing the Clouet’s car, killing them both.

The result of this tragedy left their families in shambles. Erika’s younger siblings were devastated, and her mother began to suffer from depression. The youngest daughter was about to turn 7, and now will never be able to celebrate that day with her big sister ever again. The drunk driver was sentenced to 99 years for murder.

This never had to happen. Both of them would be alive and well if this man had not made the reckless decision to drink and drive. The Clouets would’ve enjoyed their marriage for much longer, and Erika would’ve never had to miss her youngest sister’s birthday.

All we can do now is work towards preventing drunk driving so that tragedies like this never happen again. By donating a car you currently aren’t using, you can help us raise awareness and support for the families that have been through tremendous loss, like Erika and German Clouet’s family. They are just one of thousands of families every year that need comfort and support after losing their loved ones to drunk driving.

We can all do our part to help these families and put an end to drunk driving.


Erika: 3/27/1984-9/1/2008 German: 5/15/1985-9/1/2008. Life brought us together. Love united us. Death did NOT separate us. Together forever. Erika & German.

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