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Can one life make a difference?

It takes one drunk or drugged driver to claim a life with their reckless driving. It takes one choice for someone to lose a father, mother, daughter, son or loved one.

One life, one choice, a lifetime of grieving and broken dreams.

In 2013, South Carolina suffered 335 deaths caused by drunk driving (.08 BAC or higher), accounting for 43.7% of all traffic fatalities.

MADD  serves these victims and survivors and helps them cope with their grief through support from our car donations in South Carolina. We also promote awareness for responsible driving so that no one ever has to wake up one day without a father, mother, child or loved one. We educate people about the pitfalls of driving under the influence. Knowing its dangers will make a person think twice getting behind the wheel after drinking.

You can make a difference. Save lives and inspire hope by joining our South Carolina car donations program. Fill out the form on the right to take the first step into saving a life from drunk driving.

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