Whenever a Car Is Donated Another Life Can be Saved

June 1st was the day that a woman made a decision to get behind the wheel after drinking. In doing so, she completely jeopardized not only her own safety, but put an end to Vincent’s normal life. She came off the highway exit ramp at a very dangerous speed, skidded through a grassy median, and collided with not just one, but TWO other cars. Vincent’s was one of them.

She spend 4 months in prison for this, but it didn’t change what she had done to Vincent and everyone else she had affected that day. This all could have been avoided, had she not decided to drive in such inopportune circumstances. The result of this disaster left Vincent crippled for the rest of his life. He completely lost his mobility and had to spend an agonizing amount of time just learning to walk again. The physical therapy and tests he also had to endure were very painful for him, leaving him bedridden a large majority of the time.

Vincent’s family went through what no family ever should. Please don’t let Vincent’s story go ignored. Help us by donating an unused car that you, or someone you know could spare for MADD. We want to hear less and less of these stories in the future, and you can help us do that.

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