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A brief stop for snow cones on a warm night can end in tragedy; such is the case for Mary. When Mary was a kid, she and her friends were about to head home, when her best friend Jodi’s older sister, Tracey lost her life when a drunk driver, with a BAC around three times higher than the legal limit, crashed into their car.

Mary survived the crash, but grew up experiencing mental and physical scars left by the crash.

Pennsylvania sees 368 deaths each year because of drunk driving (.08 BAC or higher) accounting for 30.5% of total traffic fatalities. That’s 368 lost lives, but it doesn’t begin to describe the psychological damage inflicted on the survivors, like Mary.

Mary, and thousands of others, is the reason MADD is working to end drunk driving. Through our car donations program in Pennsylvania, we raise funds to educate people about the perils of drinking and driving.

We provide care for people like Mary, who lost a dear friend because of a drunk driver. We want to show we care by being there during a victim’s most difficult hour. We help them cope with their grief  and find hope.

Be a part of our journey as we save lives and stop drunk driving by participating in our Pennsylvania car donations. Fill out the form on the right side of your screen to take the first step into changing a life.

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