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In 2013, 1,149 children 14 and under were killed in  car crashes, and out of those deaths, 200 were caused by  drunk driving. In the same year, 10,076 individuals lost their lives in alcohol-impaired crashes, that’s one every 52 minutes.

MADD has heard the stories of mothers, fathers, loved ones and children who met an untimely death because of a drunk driver. We want these stories of grief and suffering to stop.

Through our car donations campaign in North Texas, you can be the difference in someone’s life in your own way. We use the funds we raise to educate people about responsible driving. We reach out to victims in their darkest hours to help them rebuild their lives and cope with their grief.

Be the instrument that helps piece together lives shattered by drunk driving by signing up for our car donations program in North TX.

It takes one to make a difference, it takes a moment to save a life. Fill out the form on the right side of your screen to be a part of advocacy.

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