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Do you know who Alejandra De La Garza is?

Her name might not be familiar to you, but she lost her life when a 19-year-old underage drinker decided to drive. She was a mother, sister and daughter of a family distraught by her untimely death.

It is because of her story, and thousands of others, that led us to believe in the power of one.

One person.

One act of kindness.

One donated car.

We at MADD, through our car donations program, want to be the ray of light for others during their darkest hours. We support the grief-stricken and help them cope with loss. – in North Carolina as everywhere else.

We use the funds we raise to educate people about the dangers of drunk and drugged driving.

Do your part in becoming the hope that others need after experiencing an untimely death of a loved one by participating in our car donations program in North Carolina. Filling out the form on the right side of your screen takes only a few minutes. Join us as we fight the good fight against drunken and drugged driving.

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