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Last year in New York, 364 people lost their lives because of drunk driving (.08 BAC or higher),  accounting for 30.4% of total traffic fatalities.

These are not  faceless statistics. ach represents a mother, father, daughter, son or loved one that was dear to someone, but is now gone because of drunk driving.

It is because of these stories of grief and loss that drove us to establish Cars for MADD. We believe in the power of one and acts of kindness that give hope to others. Through our New York program, we fund our awareness campaigns using your car donations to stop drunk driving. We promote responsible driving to prevent tragic drunk and drugged driving  crashes from happening to you and others.

We support grief-stricken individuals through their healing journey.s. The debilitating despair caused by a loss of a loved one is difficult to deal with. We want other people to hope again after a tragedy claimed the life of their loved one.

Participate in our car donations program in New York and join us in our fight against drunk and drugged driving. Fill out the form on the right side of the screen. It only takes a moment of your time, but it makes a difference for the lifetime of others.

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