Charity Vehicle Donations in New Jersey

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs increases the likelihood of a tragic car crash.

Drunk and Drugged Driving Statistics

Approximately 4,000 drivers die each year with dangerous drugs in their system.

Fifty-seven percent of drivers with fatal injuries had either or both alcohol or drugs in their bodies.

Around 7%, a majority of which is under 35 years old, involved in fatal car crashes had THC in their system, a principal ingredient of marijuana. Twenty-one percent of these drivers have alcohol levels over the legal limit.

Eighteen percent of car driver deaths involve drugs other than alcohol.

These are the cold, hard numbers, but with each rise in statistics, there is a person losing a loved one because of another’s bad decision of driving under the influence.

If one person can end a life, one person can also change it.

Start a change in a drunk driving victim’s life by participating in a car donation NJ program.

One Person Can Make a Difference

MADD believes in the power of one. One person reaching out to a victim at a time of grief makes a difference; it shows that someone cares and is willing to help.

Our donate car to charity New Jersey program touches lives as we use the proceeds to support victims through various programs and activities. We want to set victims and survivors of drunk driving on a path to recovery and rebuild their lives.

We don’t stop with recovery programs; we want to have a world free of drunk driving.

We raise awareness about the pitfalls of driving under the influence and promote safe driving on all roads throughout America.

One car. One act of kindness. One person can make a difference and spark a change. Donate your vehicle and be part of our cause.

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