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Nebraska’s drunken driving deaths totaled 60 accounting for 28.4% of all traffic fatalities in the state.

Behind each number is someone’s father, mother, wife, husband, child or friend. Each digit is a loved one who lost their life because of drunken driving.

One life matters.

MADD cares about the faces of people behind those numbers. Their stories are what fuels to do what we can for the suffering victims of alcohol-impaired driving.

MADD want to educate people about the dangers and effects of drunken driving. Through our car donations program in Nebraska, we fund our activities to debunk misconceptions and teach drivers the importance of responsible driving.

We know the heartache of an untimely loss of a loved one because of a drunk driver. We support grieving individuals and help them recover from this dark time in their lives. We want to show victims that there is somebody who cares and understands the experiences they are going through.

Join us in our advocacy to fight drunken driving by donating your car to our Nebraska affiliate. Filling out the form only takes a few minutes, but the time you spend will make a lasting impact on a victim’s or survivor’s life.

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