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Are you aware of the dangers of drugged driving?

In 2013, 9.9 million individuals reported to have driven after using illicit drugs. 10.6% of those were 18 to 25 year olds, the highest of any age group. Over a third of teenagers mistakenly think they drive better after smoking marijuana.

These misconceptions and misinformation lead to more deaths caused by driving under the influence. MADD wants to educate people about the pitfalls of drugged driving by funding our activities through car donations. Our Gallatin County, Montana unit aims to educate people about the myths of taking illicit drugs while driving, and consider it as important steps to prevent untimely deaths.

We not only instruct, but also uplift downtrodden spirits. We believe in the power of hope and its importance to people who are suffering. We want to reach out to grieving families and individuals and show them that there are people who understand their situation; and will do what it takes to prevent the same tragedy to happen to others.

Help us help others through car donations in Montana’s Gallatin County. Fill out the form on the right side to start your journey with us in changing the lives of victims and survivors of driving under the influence.

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