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In 2013 alone, 290,000 individuals suffered from injuries and over 10,000 died in drunk driving car crashes.

Alcohol impairment occurs by the number of drinks over time and not by the type of drink consumed. Contrary to popular belief, a cup of strong coffee, exercise or a cold shower will not sober a person up, only time will.

Drunken driving costs each adult approximately $800 each year.

MADD aims to raise awareness and reduce the fatalities and misconceptions about alcohol-impaired driving, not only in Maryland but all throughout the Union, with our car donations program, Cars For MADD.

We make it our mission to educate people about the dangers of alcohol and substance-impaired driving through various activities and programs.

We know the pitfalls of drinking and driving and the devastating effects of a car crash on people, whether directly or indirectly. We provide families and individuals with the support they need to recover from the tragic accident they experienced. We want to show them that there is someone – or “someones” – who care and understand what they are going through.

To join our advocacy and help others recover from loss, participate in our Maryland car donations programs. Fill out the form on the right side of this page to begin.

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