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Do you believe in the power of one to change a life?

MADD drew inspiration from the stories of people who lost a loved one or survived a car crash because of substance-impaired driving. The members originally performed charity work and began accepting car donations to fund their support activities. With these humble first steps, the organization started its journey to inspire hope in others.

And against such hope, a disheartening statistic: in 2013 alone, over 10,000 people died because of alcohol-impaired driving. This translates to one fatality every 52 minutes. 290,000 individuals suffered from injuries because of drunken driving car crashes. 1,149 children, 14 years old and below, died in a car crash. 200 of those kids lost their lives in drunk driving crashes.

A husband, wife, mother or father lost one life. One life matters.

MADD values each individual. This is why we want to support and provide any help we can to grieving parents, wives, husbands and friends. You can make a difference by joining our car donations in Louisiana program, Cars For MADD.

With your donation, we are able to support our activities that help grieving individuals recover from the darkest time of their life, the loss of a loved one.

Join us in our advocacy to inspire hope, not only in Louisiana but beyond, to those affected by substance-impaired driving through car donations.

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