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Hope is a powerful emotion that gives meaning to life. People who lost their loved ones in preventable car crashes may lose hope and stay in the dark for the rest of their lives.

MADD is an organization that wants to rekindle the light in people who have lost a loved one in a drunken driving related car crash. We support victims and survivors who have lost someone in a tragic vehicle crash through our car donations program in Kentucky, Cars For MADD.

In 2013, more than 10,000 people have died in drunken driving crashes, while 290,000 individuals suffered from injuries, some severe and life-changing.

These are preventable, because driving drunk is a choice. At MADD, we work to help people make the right choice, by at raising awareness about the perils of drunken driving through our programs and activities. We get the funding we need from the donations of private individuals and businesses, cars or otherwise.

We believe in the hope that one person can instill on a downtrodden and recovering victim or survivor of a drunken driving related car crash. People need to know that there is someone that reaches out to them in their darkest times.

Show others that you care and inspire hope in them again by participating in our Kentucky car donation program, Cars for MADD. Kentucky youth, survivors, and the bereaved will thank you when you fill out the form on the right of your screen as your first step.

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