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In 2013, Texas had the most of fatalities caused by drunk driving (.08 BAC or higher) in the country: 1,337. These untimely deaths leave people without a loved one and years of grief and regret. MADD supports these victims and survivors through the support of fundraising campaigns, such as our car donations in Bryan, East Texas program.

By donating your old vehicle to our campaign, we will be able to reach more grieving individuals and help them rebuild their lives after experiencing a tragedy.

MADD believes that everyone can make a difference in their own ways. We started small, but with help from our donors, we grew our organization to help us educate people about the perils of driving under the influence and the importance of responsible driving.

We envision roads free of drunk drivers and are safe for motorists and pedestrians. With your help, we are inching closer to making this dream into a reality.

Be part of our advocacy by donating your vehicle through our car donations campaign in Bryan, East TX.  Fill out the form you see on the right of your screen to take the first step to saving a life from drunk and drugged driving.

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