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Around Thanksgiving time here in Texas, Jose and his friend were riding a motorcycle when a drunk driver hit them head on. The impact of the crash was so hard that it severed parts of his friend’s body, and Jose suffered major head trauma, broken bones, and a five day coma before his passing.

His family took it so hard that his father and brother started drinking to drown their sorrow, and his mother couldn’t handle holidays and other special days without him. The family itself was falling apart because of the crash. Every time Thanksgiving came around, it just reminded them of his death.

The offender was sentenced to 8 years for each life, but was released before his time was complete. Jose’s family had to learn to accept life without him, even if they refused to believe it. But it can be nearly impossible when someone so close to you is killed because of something so preventable.

These tragedies happen far too often because of drunk driving. All we want to do is stop it! Families should NEVER have to face a loss this horrible because someone decided to drive after drinking! Things as simple as that can cause the worst of damage to others. We fight for this cause every day of our lives. Though, we still can’t fight it alone. We need your help.

If you have a car you’re not using that you can be donate to MADD, we can help these grieving families cope better with their losses, as well as strive to avoid further disasters like this in the future.


Jose loved the outdoors, especially fishing and hunting. The picture below is one of the last pictures they took of him.

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