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Can donating a car make a difference?

Every two minutes, a drunken driving crash leads to an injury. 10,076 deaths – that’s the number of lost lives and shattered dreams because of drunken driving in 2013. On the other hand, two hundred children, 14 years and younger, have lost their lives in alcohol-impaired driving crashes.

Can a donated car change lives? Yes, it can.

The instances of drunken driving fatalities have been cut in half since the founding of MADD in 1980. MADD is a non-profit organization that aims to uplift and change the lives of victims and survivors through its car donations program Cars for MADD. Colorado or California, it doesn’t matter: Cars for MADD can accommodate you and your donation.

Car crashes resulting from drugged or drunken driving claim thousands of lives each year, leaving loved ones devastated and survivors physically and emotionally scarred. At their weakest point, these people need all the help they can get. MADD wants to provide them with the support they need to recover and move on.

Through the proceeds from donations, we raise awareness about the effects of substance-impaired driving, and provide activities and programs to support victims, survivors and loved ones dealing with loss.

Make a difference in someone’s life through our Colorado car donations. Fill out the form on the right to help shine the light that others need in their darkest hour.

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