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Thousands of people die because of car crashes involving drunk drivers. Those lost lives are children, mothers, fathers or someone’s loved one.

Drunk drivers, on average, have driven drunk 80 times before their first arrest. Approximately one-third of all convicted or arrested drunk drivers are repeat offenders. Each day, there are approximately 300,000 individuals who drive drunk, but less than 4,000 arrests.

The people driving under the influence not only put their lives in danger, but also other drivers and pedestrians–our innocent loved ones on the roads.

This is why MADD want to stop drunk driving through our car donations campaign, especially in Killeen, Central Texas. Our fundraising efforts help us support grief-stricken families and individuals. We show our care for them as we help them rebuild their lives after the loss of a loved one.

Our efforts are not only for supporting people; we raise awareness and educate drivers about the importance of responsible driving and the adverse effects of driving under the influence.

We change lives one life at a time, but you can too. Join us in our advocacy by signing up for our car donations program in Central TX. Fill out the form that is on the right of your screen to begin your journey with us.

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