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On Halloween night, 17 year old Jessica was just out trick-or-treating with her friend when a drunk driver struck both of them and drove off. Jessica was killed, and her friend was injured. The driver later turned herself in and was sentenced to nearly 10 years – serving only 3.

Jessica’s mother Sonia Rodriguez and her entire family were extremely upset about this. After losing her daughter in such a horrible way, she feels the entire 9 ½ years should’ve been served by the driver. She took it upon herself to get involved with MADD and share her story. She hopes to make a difference in a large number of lives that may have had to deal with drunk driving losses such as her own, as well as preventing many more from ever happening.

How could this happen on a Halloween night!? Our children should be safer than that. All we want is to help make our streets safer for our loved ones so that things like this DO NOT happen again!

You can help us with this cause. If you have a car you may be thinking of giving away, please consider donating it to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The funds raised help provide services to families like the Rodriguezes who have lost their loved ones to drunk driving, as well as preventing crashes in the future.

Please help us prevent further fatalities.


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