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Teens who start drinking young are seven times likelier to be involved in a substance-related car crash.

High school students who use drugs or alcohol are five times likelier to drop out of school.

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teenage death, and around a quarter of those accidents involve an underage drinking driver.

Teenagers have a bright future ahead of them; but they will make mistakes, and most will grow up and learn from these mistakes. However, they may not reach their full potential, if they are killed or seriously injured because they choose to drink before 21. At MADD, we care for the future of our children.

Through our car donations program at the Bay Area, we want to raise awareness about the effects, both physical and psychological, of underage drinking and drunken driving-related car crashes. We want to educate the impressionable San Francisco youth about responsible driving and the consequences of underage drinking.

We fund the support programs and activities for victims or surviving loved ones through proceeds from cars donated and later auctioned. We believe in the power of simple acts of kindness that can change lives, and even the world.

Protect the future of youth by supporting our San Francisco car donations program, Cars for MADD. Fill out the form on the right side of your screen to help us help you for a safer future.

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