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In the U.S., drunk driving fatalities have been cut in half since the founding of MADD in 1980. The stories of families and individuals coping with a lost child, husband, wife or friend have inspired us to start our organization.

We believe in the strength and influence of one to help us raise awareness and provide support for individuals who have lost a loved one or suffered from severe injuries caused by drunken driving. Through our car donations program, Cars for MADD, in San Diego, we fund prevention programs and healing activities for victims.

At MADD, we believe all of us can change the lives of others through our acts of kindness, without expecting anything in return. We had humble beginnings, but with help from our donors, we have grown our organization, enabling us to reach and help more people.

We envisage a drunk driver-free world where roads are safe for both motorists and pedestrians. We want your kids to grow up without the emotional and physical scars of a car crash. Loss is difficult to deal with, and some people never truly recover.

Help us spread the word about responsible driving and the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Fill the form to the right to donate your car to our crusade.

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