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Recall, if you will, the disturbing scenes of car crashes, people crying and interviews of families talking about the untimely death of their loved ones.

Teen alcohol use leads to 4,700 fatalities each year. Looking at the bigger picture, that’s more than all the deaths caused by illegal drugs combined. In fact, car crashes are the leading cause of teen death, and approximately a quarter of those accidents involve an underage drinking driver, especially in California.

These untimely deaths are preventable. At MADD, we believe in raising awareness and providing support for families who are suffering from loss due to car crashes caused by drunken driving.

We have heard stories of loss and with these personal encounters, we strive to help others recover and recuperate from the physical and emotional injuries caused by drunken driving. Our car donations program, Cars For MADD, in Riverside raises funds for activities and awareness of the adverse effects of drinking and driving, especially for teens.

We believe in the power and influence of small acts of kindness. One car can change a life and might even save one. Through our simple endeavors, we want to spread the word about responsible driving and prevent untimely deaths due to drunken driving.

Donate a car, save a life – through our car donations form to the right.

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