PAIN Can Be Soothed By Any Generous Donation

They say twins can feel each other’s pain. Carla realized this on the worst night of her life.

On May 7th, an intoxicated woman was driving Carlos downtown, she made a very sharp turn, forcefully throwing Carlos out of the vehicle and rolling the car. He suffered severe head trauma, followed by his death. His twin sister, Carla, was enduring unknown agonizing pain that same night, later to find out the devastating truth that it was because Carlos had been killed.
Drunk driving ALWAYS leaves permanent scars. It’s NEVER an accident! It’s a decision that can be avoided! We at MADD do everything we can every day to put it to a stop! You can help us by donating an unused car to this cause. Help us sooth the pain inflicted on this family.

PAIN Can Be Soothed By Any Generous Donation

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