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Car crashes can happen to anyone, especially if a drunk driver is the culprit. Drunk driving claimed more than 10,000 lives in 2013 alone. These victims were children, fathers, mothers, and young adults with a long life ahead of them.

A fatal car crash may happen anytime, anywhere, whether you are coming home from work or going to a friend’s party. But, you can always stay on the safe side by making sure you’re not driving while intoxicated.

A Look at the Numbers

About 50% to 75% of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive even with a suspended license.

On average, drunk drivers drove 80 times before they get their first arrest.

In 2011, drunk driving that led to fatalities was 4.5 times higher at night compared to daytime.

In 2011, 15% of drivers in fatal car crashes during weekdays were drunk, compared to 31% during the weekends.

In 2013, 10,076 people lost their lives in drunk driving car crashes.

These are preventable crashes and deaths, if only the drivers planned for a safe way home before drinking alcohol. There are simple ways to contribute to the cause of raising awareness and helping victims of drunk driving; one of them is through donating a car in California.

Be Part of the Solution

You do not need a cape and super powers to save a life. Through MADD’s car donation California program, you can be a hero.

We use the proceeds we get from donations and auctioned vehicles to support our cause in helping victims and survivors of drunk driving. A loss of a loved one is a devastating experience, and some of our volunteers felt the same pain. We want victims to know that there are people who care about their situation and willing to go the extra mile to help them. Donate a car and help us raise awareness about the consequences of drinking and getting behind the wheel.

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