Driven to Distraction: The Psychology of Drunk Driving

driving extremely fast while drunk - MADD

The warnings are there, the news too—yet many people, especially teenagers, drive drunk knowing that this could have serious consequences. It’s only when they get involved in an accident that they realize the cost of their actions. That is, however, if they live to regret it. Impairment doesn’t depend on the type of alcohol a […]

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Being a Reliable Designated Driver

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Many dread being the designated driver. Sometimes, people avoid the designation, as they don’t want to have to look after friends when they get too drunk, tired, or both. But being a designated driver is something you should be proud of, though. It means your friends trust you enough to keep them from suffering the […]

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Knowing Your Rights as a DUI Victim

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DUI accidents aren’t as accidental as they are viewed. Getting behind the wheel of a car when They’re preventable if only intoxicated and impaired is a choice.drivers knew know the consequences of their actions. More than 10,000 people in the United States die each year due to car crashes caused by drugged and drunk driving. […]

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Sobering Realities of Teenage Drunk Driving

DUI FactsDUI Facts

Teenage drunk driving is a deadly combination on the road. Most teenagers lack the professional experience behind the wheel, making them already prone to crashes. Adding alcohol in the mix only worsens the situation, leading to sobering statistics related to underage drinking. Teenagers driving under the influence are unfortunate realities. There’s no use denying the […]

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Essential Documents When Donating a Car

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Taking Your Hands off the Wheel: Important Elements in Car Donation Processes People always look for ways to get around paying their taxes and reduce expenses. One way to achieve this is through charitable contributions, which allow you to make a legal claim for a deduction on your taxes. More than saving money, knowing that […]

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How Does Alcohol Affect Driving

Alcohol Affect Driving

Alcoholic beverages have an effect on the brain and the body that leads to loss of control, whether physically or mentally.That’s why driving after drinking alcohol increase the likelihood of a tragic death in a car crash. Alcohol Affects Driving Performance Driving requires your full attention as you watch the road and other cars and […]

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Specific Instructions for Tax Deductions

Instructions for tax deductions

Every good turn deserves another, but why wait for karma to influence the universe in your favor when you can do it yourself? You can give yourself a significant tax deduction when you donate your car. Most people already know that though; the real question is how. Fortunately, there’s a simple way of understanding the […]

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