Donating a Car Can Help Support This Grieving Family

On March 20th, Jeanne was stopped at a 4-way stop sign just a quarter mile from home. From her left, a car was traveling at 55 mph in a residence zone. He didn’t even try to stop at the stop sign, and he rammed into Jeanne’s car, pushing her car 50 feet, and killing her.

Because of that day, Jeanne left behind a loving family that was completely heartbroken. She was 77 years old, but still very young at heart and was in good health — she had plenty of time ahead of her. She was NOT ready to go when she did. She’d still be around today with her loved ones if it wasn’t for someone’s decision to drink and drive.
He was sentenced to just over 10 years in the house of corrections and is serving out four and a half years of probation in a head trauma unit.

Her daughter had to quit her job to receive counseling because of the emotional toll. She also attended seminars with other victims who had been through very similar losses because of drunk drivers.
This is not a rare occurrence. Drunk driving crashes happen every single day. We do EVERYTHING we can to raise awareness to avoid as many tragedies, like Jeanne’s, as possible, but we can’t do it alone. If there’s a car you aren’t using right now, please consider donating to this cause to help us raise awareness as well as support for the grieving families that have to endure these awful tragedies.

Jeanne “kicking up her heels” on a field on her 75th birthday.

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