Being a Reliable Designated Driver

Many dread being the designated driver. Sometimes, people avoid the designation, as they don’t want to have to look after friends when they get too drunk, tired, or both.

But being a designated driver is something you should be proud of, though. It means your friends trust you enough to keep them from suffering the consequences of drunk driving. The assignment, however, is not easy. There may be an occasion where you will have to wrestle your friends just get to them inside the car.

We’ve listed some of the things you need to keep in mind to become a reliable DD.

It’s a Commitment

Being the designated driver does not mean being the least drunk of the group. From the get-go, convince yourself that you have a commitment. It’ll make refusing a drink, which may lead to another, a lot easier. Get the keys from your friend and set some rules before the party begins. Always keep an eye on your friends’ alcohol consumption so you’ll know when to stop them if they are in danger.

Your Car, Your Rules

If the group is using your car, set some rules and reinforce them strictly. Set a time when everyone needs to go home. Set a condition on stopovers. Tell them that you’ll implement a no-stopover policy in case they are extremely drunk. This is to ensure that they’ll not cause a scene and their safety will not be compromised. See to it that everyone puts their seatbelts on before hitting the road.

Preparing for the Disarray

Dealing with drunk friends may require some intervention. As much as possible, do not get involved in arguments; they’re drunk and they do not understand half the things they’re saying. Always keep your emergency kit ready. This should include water, plastic bags, towels and bandages.

The most important thing you need to remember about being a designated driver is to be patient and tolerant. Do not forget to have fun. Just because you’re the designated driver doesn’t mean you won’t socialize and enjoy the night out on the town.

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