Why Donating Cars is the Ultimate Form of Charity Today

Charity literally means benevolent goodwill or love of humanity. That’s why charitable organizations focus on doing work that benefits society You can be charitable as well by donating your car to MADD.

Saving Lives, One Car at a Time

Human error is to blame in many accidents, but it’s undeniable that faulty cars is a more tragic and real reason why people die from road accidents. If you have one lying around your house, don’t wait until an emergency forces you or a loved one use it. If you do, you’re endangering them and other people on the road who don’t have to pay for such disregard.

Donated cars go to good use at MADD. Not only do they help fund our good work and help make our programs a reality, they can also work wonders on your annual tax return. It can be a tax deduction, earning you extra cash that you can use for whatever purpose.

Putting Someone in a Void of Depression

Sudden deaths are one of the most tragic events in anyone’s life. It creates a void so abruptly and crudely formed that it takes years of pain and even therapy just to get over it. Don’t be the person who put people in this bottomless pit. Determine the state of your car and ensure its good condition. If not, you can always donate it.

Road accidents take more than 30,000 lives each year and put millions in hospital beds in critical condition. MADD urges anyone with an old or faulty car to donate it as soon as possible. Doing so could save a life.

Contact us and let us help you donate your car with ease.