What’s the Deal with Drugged Driving?

Have you ever seen that warning on a bottle of aspirin or other meds? “Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product” and so forth. Well, this year MADD is out to bring awareness to the growing threat of drugged driving on our roadways, much in the same way we have with drunk driving since our founding in 1980.


While the substances are different, the results are the same – needless deaths and injuries.
Drugged Driving by the numbers

Thousands of people a year are harmed or killed in crashes where one or more of the drivers is under the influence of drugs. While it’s harder to judge by a standard metric as it is with alcohol – BAC is BAC, no matter what you’re drinking, but there are hundreds of thousands of drugs that can inhibit your ability to drive.

If you look at the facts and statistics on drunk driving, you’ll see that 57% of fatally injured drivers tested positive for drugs or alcohol, and 17% were using both. In fact, drugs like marijuana and cocaine are involved in nearly 1/5 of traffic fatalities.

Statistics like these are terrifying, particularly when you consider that there are fewer laws regulating the use of drugs while driving, and that a large number of young people mistakenly believe that drugs make them drive better.

It’s time to change.

Help us in the fight against drugged driving. Go to CarsforMADD.org and donate a vehicle to charity. You can help to keep our roads safe.