Time For A Reminder

Do you love music? Perhaps you are familiar with the timeless classic song by the Byrds called: “Turn! Turn! Turn!”?

This song teaches us there is a time and place for everything. Like a time to cry. A time to find joy. A time to sing. A time to talk. A time to drink. A time to be sober.

Maybe these aren’t the exact lyrics. But let’s consider that last part. When would be the time to drink? Well, if you choose to drink, it may be appropriate to do it within your own home, at a party or maybe at a sporting event while watching your favorite team.

What about a time to be sober then? It would definitely be a good idea to be sober while in the workplace. It would be recommended to be sober when meeting soon to be in-laws for the first time. And of course you want to be sober while driving on the road. The road can be such a safe place, but if you choose to make it a time to drink when it should be a time to be sober, that safe place can turn into a nightmare.

Let’s keep those roads safe and choose the right time to drink. Now, if you want to continue that song even more, it could say “A time to donate, a time to receive.” You can also help keep the roads safe by donating a vehicle to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). And if you share that part of your heart, it will be a time to receive good feelings. Take care and drive safe.